Vitamin E Acetate

Vitamin E acetate, is a synthetic form of vitamin E. The United States Food and Drug Administration announced that 10 out of 18, or 56% of the samples of vape liquids sent in by states, linked to recent vaping related lung disease outbreak in the United States, tested positive for vitamin E acetate which had been used as a thickening agent by illicit THC vape cartridge manufacturers. None of our or any reputable retailers E-Liquids will contain Vitamin E acetate.

Where Vitamin E acetate is really found is in illicit THC cartridges sometimes reffered to as “Dank Vapes” and while these cartridges sometimes have legitimate looking packaging they can still be dangerous. To avoid Vitamin E acetate or any other number of harmful ingredients that can be found inside of illegal THC products only purchase cannabis products from a legitimate licensed cannabis dispensary.


CDC Vitamin E acetate and vaping related illness

CBC ‘Vast majority’ of vaping illnesses blamed on vitamin E in U.S.