Vaping Flavour Ban

An important factor in a smoker’s decision to transition to vaping is taste. The flavoured vaping products give smokers a reason to move away from the burnt-tobacco taste of cigarettes. It is critical that flavours remain available. The role of flavours is something that vapers have confirmed.

Flavours are a vital part of vaping and have made it easy for many people to quit smoking tobacco, and unfortunately what is a fundamental part of vaping is also being seen by some as a threat. In some provinces and now many states flavours are being banned, not only is this preventing people from quitting smoking by using vaping it is also killing locally owned and operated businesses with one shop owner in an affected state saying “by the summertime. He has gone, in the matter of only of months, from $2,000 in sales a day to $200,”(source) “The decision to quit smoking is an enormous one for most smokers. We have to make it easy for them to make that decision. Limiting access and choice is not the answer,” said Dr. Chris Lalonde, academic advisor to Rights4Vapers, Canada’s leading vaping consumer rights organization. “In fact, limits like the ones we are seeing across the country may be unconstitutional.”

Dr. Leonid Sirota, professor of law at the Aukland University of Technology Law School, stated in a recent study that “vaping regulations, such as nicotine ceilings or flavor restrictions, have the potential to make them less attractive or effective as quit-aids—and are considered from the standpoint of potential interference with the right not to be deprived of life, liberty, and the security of the person protected by section 7 of the Charter.”

“Severe regulations particularly restrictions on flavours and nicotine levels, are very serious and go beyond simply restricting access to a certain product,” said Dr. Lalonde. “They deprive a smoker of a potentially life-saving alternative.”

 Rights4Vapers, Canada’s leading vaping consumers rights’ group, has issued the following statement regarding New Brunswick MLA, Jean-Claude D’Amour’s, private member bill that would ban all flavours of vapour products other than tobacco flavour.

“Mr. D’Amour is misguided in his attempt to further regulate vapour products by banning flavours and leaving only tobacco flavoured products on the market. I would like to explain the real-world consequences of such an action,” said Maria Papaioannoy, a spokesperson for Rights4Vapers. “When a smoker makes the decision to move to vaping, they want to get as far away as possible from the taste of tobacco. In our survey of over 5,000 Canadian vapers, only about 16 percent start vaping with tobacco flavours and even fewer continue using tobacco flavours (seven percent).”

“We urge the Government of New Brunswick to reject this Bill and look for ways to help smokers move to vapour products – a less harmful alternative to cigarettes and a proven solution for smokers looking to quit. We would be happy to share our data with any legislator who wishes to learn more about vaping.”

Flavours are an essential part of vaping and are crucial to the smoking replacement process making quitting quick and easy for many different people.