Pre-Filled (Closed) Pods & Systems

NOTE: Starting January 1, 2021, many of the tanks, coils and pods that you know and love are now illegal in the country of Canada.

Starting January 1, 2021, changes to Vaping Products Labelling and Packaging Regulations require that vaping products are now subject to Consumer Product Safety Act.

As such, all vaping products must be Child Resistant Certified (CRC).

Go here for more details.


We carry the most popular brands of pre-filled pods, also known as vape pods.  They are convenient, quick to load and unload and surprisingly flavorful for their size.  It is not easy to get a good flavor into a small pod, so we hand selected the best flavors that can be found in pre-filled pod form!

These Pre-Filled or Closed Pods are one of the easiest ways to vape! However with that convenience comes a smaller selection of flavours and manufacturers. Closed Pods systems almost always use exclusively their own subsidiary pods and E-Liquid, however some manufacturers do collaboration pods with various different popular nic salt manufacturers to provide popular flavours in pod form! One of the most popular collaborations is between Decoded E-Liquids and STLTH Pods delivering fan favourite flavours like kiwi watermelon and tropical flavours such as blueberry guava to the stlth pod system.

Pre-filled pod systems are the closest vaping experience to a cigarette, with restricted airflow and nicotine salts e-liquid pre-filled pods are the best option for someone looking for a cigarette like experience. While Pre-Filled Pods are convenient they are more expensive than using a refillable or open pod system and produce more waste than their refillable counterparts. 

Closed pods are recommended as a starting point, while cheap initially Closed Pod systems tend to be more expensive than a refillable device with similar specifications. So we highly recommend switching to a refillable device if you decide that vaping is for you.

Closed Pods are to be disposed of when empty much like their cousin disposable E-Cigs, unfortunately they are not the most environmentally option.

We carry a variety of closed pod systems and their pods some of these include Relx and Stlth two of the best pod systems available today.

Each Closed pod system has its own pod selection so we have given them all their own menus available here.