Box Mods

Box mods are adjustable power devices that are usually used for freebase E-lqiuid, they are the standard for good flavour and vapour. Box mods vary greatly in size and power output from smaller format integrated batteries and single battery devices to the more standard dual battery devices.  All mods use a standard 510 threaded connection for the atomizer which means that you don’t have to worry about comparability when shopping for a tank,  while any atomizer can be attached to any mod that doesn’t always mean it will work well. Different mods have different maximum power outputs determined by both the battery and the onboard chip if you are not confident in your tank choice we recommend going with a pre-paired Kit that comes with both a tank and a box mod!


Box mods are one of the oldest styles of vapes and with that age many companies have gained great amounts of experience in producing devices that are both powerful and easy to use. Brands like Voopoo or Smok are well known for producing wide varieties of vape mods that are remarkably accessible with ease of use being a primary focus for most mod manufacturers.


We also sell Vape Kits which consist of a pre-paired tank and mod that can be upgraded later if you decide you need more power. These starter kits have been the bread and butter of the vaping industry for years, providing you with a quick set up process and room to upgrade starter kits are the perfect choice for anyone that is new to vaping or even experienced vapers that just want the best vape pairing.


If a box mod uses more than one battery we highly recommend using an vape battery charger and charging your batteries externally as many mods do have a onboard connection port we recommend only using in case of emergency as regular and prolonged use can cause damage to the onboard chip or the batteries.

 Some of our most popular box mods come from: Smok, Voopoo, and Geek Vape.