6mg Freebase


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wdt_ID Brand Name Description Buy
1 Air Factory Mystery Sweet Mixed Berries Buy
2 Banana Butt Left Cheek Banana Cream Fusion Buy
3 Banana Butt Right Cheek Banana Nut Fusion Buy
4 Berry Drop Cactus Blue Raspberry, Cactus Buy
5 Berry Drop Grape Blue Raspberry, Grape Buy
6 Berry Drop Peach Blue Raspberry, Peach Buy
7 Berry Drop Pomegranate Blue Raspberry, Pomegranate Buy
8 Berry Drop Raspberry Blue Raspberry, Raspberry Buy
9 Berry Drop Red Apple Blue Raspberry, Red Apple Buy
10 Blackwood Black Diamond Smooth Oak Tobacco Buy

Three not quite enough? we have our full selection available in six milligrams per milliliter as well. Six milligram E-Liquid has a slightly harsher throat hit than either three or zero and not quite the throat hit of a twelve. Better for people who smoke harsher or more cigarettes six tends to have a stronger nicotine flavour and can in some cases be quite different than either it’s zero or three counterpart. Not all nicotine is created equal! and at six milligrams per milliliter this starts to become more apparent with the higher nicotine level in these liquids, some E-liquids tend to be harsher some a little smoother but they will both still be a six.

With a heavier throat hit and more nicotine six is ideal for those just quitting or for those who wish to get their nicotine a little faster.