3mg Freebase

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wdt_ID Brand Name Description Buy
1 Air Factory Mystery Sweet Mixed Berries Buy
2 Banana Butt Left Cheek Banana Cream Fusion Buy
3 Banana Butt Right Cheek Banana Nut Fusion Buy
4 Berry Drop Cactus Blue Raspberry, Cactus Buy
5 Berry Drop Grape Blue Raspberry, Grape Buy
6 Berry Drop Peach Blue Raspberry, Peach Buy
7 Berry Drop Pomegranate Blue Raspberry, Pomegranate Buy
8 Berry Drop Raspberry Blue Raspberry, Raspberry Buy
9 Berry Drop Red Apple Blue Raspberry, Red Apple Buy
10 Blackwood Black Diamond Smooth Oak Tobacco Buy

Freebase E-Liquids are the standard of vaping and three milligrams per milliliter the standard for freebase this is because it strikes a smooth balance between throat hit and flavour purity making it the best starting point for pretty much all vapers. We recommend three as the starting point for anyone getting started with freebase vapes as it is both the most common level of nicotine and in most cases it satisfies nicotine cravings quickly and effectively and if you require a higher nicotine concentration six milligram E-Liquid is easily available.

While retaining almost unchanged flavour three provides a slight throat hit with a slight change in flavour three is not only the most common but is usually the best choice for most vapers.

While three milligrams of nicotine per milliliter may not seem like a lot it is more than enough to satisfy nicotine cravings for most people. this is because of the higher volume of vapor produced by sub-ohm devices.