0mg E-Liquid


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1 Air Factory Mystery Sweet Mixed Berries Buy
2 Banana Butt Left Cheek Banana Cream Fusion Buy
3 Banana Butt Right Cheek Banana Nut Fusion Buy
4 Berry Drop Cactus Blue Raspberry, Cactus Buy
5 Berry Drop Grape Blue Raspberry, Grape Buy
6 Berry Drop Peach Blue Raspberry, Peach Buy
7 Berry Drop Pomegranate Blue Raspberry, Pomegranate Buy
8 Berry Drop Raspberry Blue Raspberry, Raspberry Buy
9 Berry Drop Red Apple Blue Raspberry, Red Apple Buy
10 Blackwood Black Diamond Smooth Oak Tobacco Buy

0mg E-Liquid, 0 mg / ml or Nicotine Free E-Liquid provides the best, purest flavour possible from the E Juice without any of the stimulation from nicotine. Although part of the freebase lines of many Vape Juices manufacturers and available in the same size bottles as freebase e-liquid, Nicotine Free E-Liquid can be combined with other types of e-liquids. Liquid nicotine has a flavor all on its own that some describe as tasting like pepper as well as contributing to the harshness of the liquid almost entirely.  Higher concentrations of nicotine in e-liquid have higher levels of that pepper undertone. Nicotine interacts with the flavour of different E-Liquids in different ways so naturally keeping it out ensures the purest unadulterated flavour.  Those who would prefer to vape for the flavor will find that the stronger flavour of Nicotine Free E-Liquid the best choice for them.

Zero milligram E-liquid is the best for flavour chasing and a smooth draw making it a great alternative to nicotine products for many people.

For those that wish to have concentrations of nicotine in their favorite ejuice that is not found in common commercially available bottles, 0mg E-Liquid can be used to mix with the standard 3, 6, 12 concentrations. For example, half a bottle of 3mg and 0mg of the same flavour will yield a result of 1.5mg, which was a commonly available, but not as popular concentration level in prior years. In the above example, without nicotine, some customers find three milligrams per milliliter too much but they aren’t ready to quit vaping just yet so we recommend mixing of a three and a zero to make the transition easier. Zero mg E-liquid is a great choice for anyone looking to quit as the final step in stepping down nicotine and finally cutting the habit out entirely.