Vape Wire

We carry a wide selection of wires that are both ready to be wrapped directly into a coil as well as finer wires for coil building and even complex pre-made coil wires. Can’t find a specific resistance or a specific style of coil? Build it yourself! With a wide variety of coil building information available online, coil building has never been easier to get into. We also offer a variety of different building tools and accessories to make your building experience easier and your final coils come out better.

While Rebuildables are already one of the most economic and environmentally friendly vaping options building your own coils makes it even more affordable with each spool of wire producing multiple sets of coils and now with our steep wire sales this is by far the most affordable option to vape.

For the environmentally conscious these devices utilize the least amount of single use materials and create the least waste while also utilizing no plastics in most cases making them the best for those with an ecological footprint in mind

Unfortunately we are getting out of the wire business so our wire options are severely discounted and in many cases we are asking for below cost! Our loss is your gain. We are not ordering in more wire so once an option has been depleted it will be gone for good be sure to get the size you want before it’s all sold out!

We carry many different gauges and materials of wire so that you can build coils that vape how you want. Different materials make a huge difference in how the final coil vapes, nichrome is the fastest heating lowest resisting material making it perfect for complex high power coils, Kanthal is the industry standard with a good balance of resistance and heating capacity, and stainless steel which is used for temperature control vaping allowing you to control exactly how hot your device vaporizes your E-liquid.