Vape Tank Replacement Glass

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Did you drop your mod or tank and have it shatter all over the place?  What a horrible feeling that is.  We have got you covered there.

We carry a wide variety of tanks and so we carry replacement glass for your tank, we even carry glass for some older devices as well.  It’s best to buy a spare though because you never know when it is going to happen again.

Because of the unique nature of tanks and their dimensions glass is not compatible with other tanks. Some older devices are no longer supported by their manufacturer we still have glass for some of these but when they’re gone we wont be able to get more so we do recommend upgrading to a newer tank. If you want a glass but don’t see it here feel free to contact us or come in store to place a special order and we will do our best to bring it in stock for you.

Some devices use a plastic tank section to hold E-liquid and these are great for durability however some E-liquids can react with certain plastics. Glass is a better material for holding e-liquid however the downside to glass is that it is fragile some manufacturers have reduced this effect by designing tanks with a protected glass and even in some cases utilizing stronger types of glass including quartz crystal glass! Popular brands like Smok, Uwell, and Voopoo often offer multiple different sizes and styles of glass replacements most offer a standard tube style glass and a larger “bubble” glass that extends past the tank for added juice capacity. We recommend a vape band a small rubber ring that goes around the glass portion of the tank helping to protect the glass and prevent breaking. We even offer acrylic resin replacements for some tanks which are extremely durable.