Vape Spare Parts

Replacement Vape Parts

We carry a variety of different replacement parts for the devices we carry. Including glass, drip tips, building tools, and even in some cases other parts. We carry a wide array of products from popular brands including Smok, Vaporesso, and Horizontech so we carry replacement parts for all of these devices. Each device is designed in a unique manner, so parts are unfortunately not usually interchangeable between devices. One of the only interchangeable spare parts are drip tips, they come in a few standard sizes 510 or 810 are the most common, not all devices conform to this standard but most devices are one of these. 810 drip tips are a larger bore than 510 tips allowing a larger volume of air and vapour to pass through them making them ideal for higher powered sub-ohm devices that are designed to produce a large volume of vapor. 510 tips are a smaller inner bore making them the best choice for both low wattage mouth to lung tanks as well as for low to medium powered sub ohm tanks. 510 tips can also be used on 810 devices with the use of an 810 to 510 adapter which cuts the diameter down enough to fit a standard 510 mouthpiece which is ideal if you are looking for a longer mouthpiece as 510 tips tend to be longer than their wider counterparts. Some Atomizers can take a variety of different glasses! Larger capacity bubble glasses are an extremely popular option as well as the standard tube glass which is a lower capacity but sticks out less making it less likely to break. If you don’t see something here contact us and we will do our best to bring it in for you.

We also carry spare parts for our selection of cannabis vaporizers including screens for dry herb devices, coils for concentrate vaporizers, even mouthpieces and other spare parts.