Vape Batteries

We carry an energetic selection of vape batteries to power your vape mods. These high discharge batteries are what makes high power vaping possible by being able to store and release large amounts of power very quickly which means better flavour and more vapour however, not all batteries are created equally with different capacities and output amperages there are many batteries that would seem like they work but lack the proper output amperage leading to your device not functioning well if at all. Because of the wide variety in rechargeable batteries we only carry what we think are some of the best Vape Batteries available.
18650s are the single most common battery in vaping, so we have the widest selection of them from simple Samsung 25Rs to the advanced Hohm Tech batteries we have a battery to meet your needs. 26650 batteries are a more specialized type of battery with extremely high capacity but a standard output rate devices using these tend to be fantastic for low to mid power vaping. 20700 and 21700 batteries are the newest on the scene providing higher capacity and output rates compared to the other cells. 21700s are quickly becoming a fan favourite with box mod devices they balance size and power to produce high power and high capacity mods allowing high wattage vaping for extended periods of time.
One thing all of these batteries have in common is that they should be charged externally. Vapes are capable of charging external batteries however we do not recommend this as charging the battery externally is both faster and better for the battery. Externally charging batteries can extend the overall lifespan of the batteries when compared to batteries that are charged exclusively in a mod.
We sell authentic 18650 batteries, 26650 batteries, 20700 batteries ,and 21700 batteries.