Vape Accessories

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Here we carry everything you need that isn’t a vape, the vape accessories. We carry nearly anything you could need for your vape, batteries, chargers, drip-tips, cotton, wire, or tools we have it all here.

High powered batteries power a wide majority of devices, so there are a wide variety of batteries to suit them, from high capacity low output amperage cells for low power nicotine salts to a balanced medium that will be good in any device and even some extra high discharge batteries to run your high power devices with ease.

To keep these high powered cells in good condition we highly recommend an external battery charger which will keep your batteries working optimally for as long as possible. One of the ways charging your batteries through an external battery charger keeps your batteries working is by keeping them balanced, most devices are wired to only run power from one battery through the other so if they are uneven it causes fatigue on the batteries and the mod and due to the design of only being able to run power one way many devices cannot charge the batteries evenly causing unbalancing which is where the external charger comes in charging your batteries evenly keeping them balanced and working well. Not only are chargers better for your device they actually charge the batteries much faster than an onboard micro USB could.

Drip tips are the perfect way to add that customizing touch to your device, most devices utilize a standard sized tip either a 510 or an 810. We offer a variety of both styles of tip to suit whatever your tank needs and what you want.

Cotton is replaced on all rebuildable devices much more frequently than the coil itself as the cotton deteriorates much more frequently than the actual wire so here we have a variety of different wicking options to suite your preferences.