Replacement Pods

NOTE: Starting January 1, 2021, many of the tanks, coils and pods that you know and love are now illegal in the country of Canada.

Starting January 1, 2021, changes to Vaping Products Labelling and Packaging Regulations require that vaping products are now subject to Consumer Product Safety Act.

As such, all vaping products must be Child Resistant Certified (CRC).

Go here for more details.


Pod kits almost always use a specifically designed pod for each different device making each device convenient and unique.  We offer replacement vape pod cartridges for your favorite vape pod system at Planet of the Vapes. Most pod systems are designed with nicotine salts in mind however that doesn’t mean freebase e-liquid is out of the question many devices are capable of running both styles of e-liquid the only drawback to freebase in a pod is usually a small amount of nicotine being delivered per puff. Some E-liquids have a particularly high vg to pg ratio and so they are very thick these e-liquids are not recommended for the small coils inside a pod kit.

Pods are a combination of coil and tank all in one easy package that can be refilled multiple times and then are disposed of when the integrated coil burns out. Pods are usually sold in packs of two to five depending on the manufacturer.

These pods are the easiest style of atomizer to use and are extremely convenient with the capability to pre-fill multiple pods and swap them out quickly and easily for either smaller pocket profile or easy flavour changes. Many pod devices only have a single coil option however some brands such as Smok, Uwell, or Voopoo offer multiple pod options just like coils in a standard sub-ohm device.

 Some pods feature replaceable coils and function essentially like a tank, replacing just the burnt coil and keeping the outer pod. This design allows manufacturers to offer coils at a reduced price compared to a standard vape pod.

We carry a wide selection of different pod devices and so we have the Pods to support them.  Below is a selection of refillable vape pods that you can easily pair with your favorite nicotine salt e-liquid.