Rebuildable Accessories

We carry a variety of different rebuildable accessories anywhere from cotton to full tool kits. One of the main benefits of using a rebuildable device is coil longevity one set of coils can last a very long time if maintained properly that is done by regular cleaning and proper wicking which can be made easier by choosing a cotton that works well for you as well as having the proper tools to do so. The recommended minimum for tools is: a multi bit screwdriver with fine tips, ceramic tipped tweezers, hook nose tweezers, scissors, and a fine wire brush, these items should cover a vast majority of vapers needs for tools.

A quick and easy way to get started with the tools you need is a premade vape tool kit! Companies such as Coilmaster and Geek Vape both produce a ready to go tool kit complete with its own case! These kits are the best way to get started as they come with everything you need and, in some cases, even some extras too.

We also offer a variety of different cottons for rebuildable devices from the pre-cut firebolt cotton from vapefly or the organic kendo gold and even cotton bacon! This variety allows you to find the right cotton for you. Balancing wicking speed and heat resistance each cotton is slightly different from another so we recommend trying multiple different cottons and going with whichever cotton you like most.

Feeling handy? You can build your own coils for rebuildable devices! We sell a variety of different wires for coil building as well as tools and accessories to make the process go smoothly. We highly recommend online tutorials for coil building as there is a whole community around it that are dedicated to interesting builds and chasing flavour or vapor.