Hand Crafted Pre Made Coils

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The coils in this section cannot be mass produced.  Most vape coils are mass produced, with questionable quality controls. Packs of coils are made for quantity and not quality.

The precision and detail that goes into each coil pair below simply cannot be duplicated with an automated assembly line. The superior flavor that is possible on a rebuildable dripper or rebuildable tank with one of these custom coils cannot be matched.

Because of the care and quality that goes into each coil, we have heard stories of pairs of coils lasting an average of three months with up to six months if well maintained. Such a feat is impossible with standard packs of coils.

The only trade-off to these coils compared to standard coils, is that these coils cost much more to make. We believe that the trade-off is worth it, and once you try one of these custom builds, it’s hard to go back.

Below is our selection of premium hand made coils in many different resistance and core sizes. Each coil pair is carefully crafted to produce the most vapour and the best flavour.