Cannabis Vaporizers

There are many different cannabis vaporizers available for both dry cannabis and for cannabis concentrates as well as thick oil cartridges.

Cannabis vaporizers and concentrate vaporizers differ greatly from each other working in completely different ways. Dry Herb vaporizers use convection heating to vaporize the active ingredients without burning your herb and concentrate vaporizers work by directly heating the concentrate to vaporize it quickly and effectively.

Dry herb vaporizers tend to have a very smooth draw compared to burning methods and this is because of the convection heating method that heats your herb without burning it. Cannabis tends to be referred to by many different terms some include marijuana, dry herb, and flower.

Oil Cart Vaporizers specialize in vaping pre-filled 510 threaded cartridges available from any local cannabis retailer. Since we are a vape store we cannot sell these cartridges but we can sell the devices to vape them! These devices are small and sleek usually designed to be roughly pen sized. These devices have specialized airflow that a standard 510 thread doesn’t have to allow air to pass through the threads of the device into the coil, this design allows for a secure connection while allowing just the right amount of air through in.

Concentrate Vaporizers are compact and high power. Normally smaller than dry herb vaporizers concentrate devices usually have a tighter and harsher draw than dry herb vaporizers but they usually require a much smaller draw than standard dry herb.  Concentrates are sometimes known as Shatter, Sauce – Terps & Diamonds, Sap, Rosin, Resin, Live Resin, HTE High Terpene Extracts, Full Melt Bubble Hash, Distillate, Diamonds Crystalline THCa or CBD, Crumble, CBD Isolate, Butane Hash Oil (BHO), Budder and Badder. Sometimes referred to as dab pens concentrate vaporizers are often small and powerful. Some popular brands include Yocan, Vivant, and Airistech.

Some popular Cannabis vaporizers are Xvape, Yocan, and Utillian.