Cannabis Accessories

Cannabis Accessories
We carry a wide variety of different cannabis and concentrate vaporizers as well as some traditional cannabis hardware so we have replacement parts and other accessories here for your convince. Silicone Wax containers are one of the best ways to store concentrates keeping them fresh and ready to go. Some Concentrate vaporizers feature an optional water filter attachment these as well as screens and other spare pieces for your vape can be found here.
We carry both glass and silicone downstems to suite whatever size bong or rig you have.
We carry a variety of rolling accessories that aren’t papers, including; tips, rolling trays, and rollers!
From replacement mouthpieces and coils to bowls, cleaning solutions, and downstems. Some popular brands in this category include: RAW, Vivant, Airizer, and Purple Power
Water filters for cannabis such as bongs, bubblers, rigs, and water filter attachments can begin to have microbial growth in as little as three days! So we recommend changing the water regularly as well as regularly cleaning any cannabis smoking implement. Not all cleaners are equal! Many different cleaning solutions exist for cannabis pipes and bongs, some are soaking solutions that require no shaking to clean your piece just submerge and wait. There are also shake solutions these are a combination of aa fine abrasive like salt in a solution to break up oils these combined clean residue from any glass quickly and easily, you simply pour the solution in and shake! Most cleaning solutions will work for both concentrates and standard herb residue however we do recommend using a specifically formulated solution for the type of residue you intend to clean. Specialized solutions like purple powers 710 solution are the best choice to clean concentrate rigs and nails as they are specifically formulated to clean concentrate residue and titanium parts.