Flavour Beast Salt – Savage Strawberry Watermelon – 20mg


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Flavour Beast Salt – Savage Strawberry Watermelon

This savage mix of Summer Strawberries and Watermelon keeps you coming back for more, it’s seriously delicious with that Icy kick at the end!

Flavour Beast does it again! Introducing… the ALL NEW Flavour Beast Salts E-Liquid! Flavour Beast, a leading brand made popular by their ability for mastering flavour creation with their infamous disposable vapes. And now with Flavour Beast Salt Nic, you can finally experience the Flavour Beast with any refillable pod system. How do they taste? Well… every single 30ml juice bottle has been filled with 16 Most-Popular original Flavour Beast flavours for you to pick from!

Flavour Beast E-Liquid is created with only high-quality ingredients at a 40/60 VG/PG ratio at 20mg salt nicotine, the perfect balance to release that signature taste they’re known for. So don’t hesitate – try Flavour Beast Salts today with any refillable vape systems, and if you’re new to Flavour Beast, discover another level of vaping experience you never thought possible with Flavour Beast Salt E-Liquid!

Flavour Beast Salt E-Liquid Features:

• Strong, Bold Flavours

• Refillable Pod System Compatibility

Flavour Beast Salt E-Liquid Specifications:

• Size: 30ml

• Nicotine: 20mg Salt Nic

• VG/PG Ratio: 40/60

• Manufactured by Flavour Beast


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