Flavour Beast Boost Pods – Bangin Blood Orange – 20mg


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Flavour Beast Boost Pods – Bangin Blood Orange – 20mg

Experience heightened vaping satisfaction with the Level X Boost Flavour Beast Pods, expertly engineered to offer an unmatched hybrid vaping encounter. Featuring a generous 20mL vape juice capacity, these pods are tailored for extended vaping sessions, guaranteeing uninterrupted indulgence in your preferred flavours. With the ability to deliver up to 15,000 puffs per pod, Level X Boost Pods set a new standard for longevity in hybrid vape technology, providing unparalleled convenience and value.

Delight in an unprecedented flavour symphony through the revolutionary Boost Mode, elevating taste sensations with a 2x intensified flavour experience. Utilize the dual mesh 0.5ohm coils to extract the full spectrum of your vape juice, resulting in lush, intense, and satisfying vapor production. Alternatively, transition to Standard Mode for a relaxed vaping session, marked by gentle draws and steady flavour delivery thanks to the single 1.0ohm coil.

Level X Boost Pod Features

• Massive pod capacity (20mL) lasting up to 15,000 puffs

• 2X Boosted Flavour with adjustable modes

• Effortlessly alternate between high and low airflow settings.

• Compatible with all Level X batteries. NOTE: Boost Mode requires a Level X Boost Battery

• Comfortable Mouthpiece

Level X Boost Pod specifications

• Dimensions: 45 x 71.5 x 24 mm

• Single mesh coil, 1-ohm, Standard airflow for Standard Mode

• Dual mesh coil, 0.5-ohm, Looser airflow for Boost Mode


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