Attention Edmonton Vape Shop customers: because of COVID-19, we are accepting only online and curbside pick-up orders.


The COVID-19 outbreak was declared a global pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO). Alberta declared a public health emergency.

Please visit Here for the latest guidance and information from the Government of Alberta.


  • 1. Please place your order by calling 780-801-2485.
  • 2. Confirm that we have the products you want in stock.
  • 3. You will be given an Order number, order total & approximate pick-up time.
  • 4. Call when you arrive. Please have your order number and ID ready.
  • 5. We will ask you to come to the front of the store for payment.
  • 5a. We DO NOT accept cash.
  • 6. When your payment is processed, we will bring out your order.


  • 1. Alternatively you can place an order online and choose “local pick-up” at time of purchase.
  • 2. Someone from Planet of the Vapes will call you within 2 hours (during normal business hours) to confirm stock and give you your pick-up time.
  • 3. Call 780-801-2485 when you arrive.  Please have your order number and ID ready.
  • 4. We will bring your order out to you.

We take the health threat of COVID-19 very seriously.  We have taken several steps to ensure the safety of our customers and staff, including installing a plexi-glass barrier and limiting access of the shop,

Copper has proven to be a surface that COVID-19 survives the least amount of time (4 hours), compared to stainless steel and plastic (72 hours) and glass (96 hours).

Therefore, we have coated our front door handles, inside and out, that all the customers touch in copper.


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