Yocan are a leading cannabis vaporizer manufacturer with compact devices that output high power and are packed with industry leading features it’s no surprise that Yocan are so popular. With each iteration Yocan innovates further bringing out new device designs and new features while improving existing features such as the internal battery. Yocan produces both dry herb and concentrate vaporizers that are best in their class.

The words affordability and high-quality never really went together in the vaping industry, the costs of designing a reliable and dependable vaporizer together with the best materials meant a definitive increase in the overall costs of manufacturing a vaporizer. The aphorism “you get what you pay for” clearly represented the reality in the vaporizer industry. Yocan, changed the meta of the industry by providing consumers with high-quality vaporizers such as Yocan UNI Pro, Yocan Hit and Yocan Regen at an affordable price allowing them to gain a strong foothold of the market and earn a place amongst the top manufacturers in the business.

Yocan is now regarded as one of the best manufacturers in the vaping industry winning over numerous patents for several vape technologies you won’t see on other vaping devices. Their ingenuity as a team led to numerous products that shows no one has to sacrifice quality for affordability – a reflection of their core value and their mission from Yocan’s humble beginnings.

Yocan is a company based in Shenzhen, China. One of Yocan’s primary goal is to provide smokers and health-conscious individuals with the opportunity to find a more beneficial alternative. This means providing equal opportunity to all consumers especially to those who can’t afford expensive vaporizers to help then rid themselves of the harmful effects of inhaling smoke from combusted plant matter and other burnt materials. That’s why their products are sold at a reasonable price while still maintaining the quality of other vaporizers twice or even thrice its price. They’re simply not in it for the profit, Yocan has a deep-rooted goal that reflects their nature being natives in the birthplace of the modern-day vaporizer. It’s only befitting that a manufacturer from the motherland comes up with a vaporizer the market truly needs – functional and reliable vaping devices that won’t cost customers an arm and a leg.

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