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RELX Pod Vape Systems: The Future of Vaping


In the dynamic world of vaping, RELX stands out as a trailblazer. Based in China, RELX has carved a significant niche in the global vaping industry with its innovative pod vape systems. These devices, known for their user-friendliness and efficiency, cater to a wide spectrum of vapers, from beginners to seasoned aficionados. This detailed review will provide an in-depth look at RELX’s pod systems, focusing on design, technology, and functionality, and explore why pod systems might be the optimal choice for many vapers.

Design and User Experience

The hallmark of RELX systems is their straightforward, hassle-free design, making them an ideal choice for those new to vaping. Each device is equipped with pre-filled cartridges, eliminating the need for manual e-liquid filling. These cartridges contain a special e-liquid infused with nicotine salts, ensuring a smooth vaping experience. Furthermore, the built-in rechargeable battery in each RELX vape adds to the convenience.

Build Quality and Materials

The RELX Classic vape pen, crafted from a sturdy aluminum alloy, is acclaimed for its durability and longevity. The cartridge shell is made from PCTG, a heat-resistant material known for its safety, ensuring that harmful substances are not released during use.

Key Models in the RELX Lineup

  1. RELX Artisan: Known for its impressive design and compactness, the Artisan also offers solid battery life and excellent flavor.
  2. RELX Infinity: This model is celebrated for its smooth experience, affordable price, and stylish design. It is designed for users seeking a straightforward, durable vape.
  3. RELX Essential: Providing a Mouth-to-Lung vaping experience, the Essential model is known for its consistent flavor and impressive vapor production. It’s an affordable option that excels in taste compared to many competitors.
  4. Other Models: The RELX range also includes the RELX Pod System, RELX Alpha Starter Kit, RELX Nano, and more, each featuring unique designs and attributes to suit various vaping preferences.

The RELX Infinity 2

  • Innovations and Features: The RELX Infinity 2, a part of the 6th generation of RELX vapes, is a sleek, compact, and lightweight pen-style device. It offers adjustable power, ultra-fast charging, extended battery life, a smarter LED indicator, pod versatile compatibility, and a leak-proof design.
  • Battery and Charging: With a 440 mAh battery and a charge time of just 27 minutes, the Infinity 2 supports USB Type-C charging.
  • Design and Build Quality: The device features a modern, sleek design with rounded edges and a smooth aluminum unibody. It also includes a mode-switching button and a front-facing indicator light for easy customization of vaping intensity.
  • Performance Features: The adjustable power settings allow users to tailor their vaping experience, catering to different preferences for flavor intensity and throat hit. The device offers three vaping modes: Eco, Smooth, and Boost.

RELX Infinity 2 Pods

The RELX Infinity 2 Pods, also known as RELX Pod Pro 2, are compatible with not only the Infinity 2 but also the 4th and 5th generation models. This versatility allows users to interchange a single pod across multiple devices. The pods offer 300 to 600 puffs, contain 1.9 ml of e-liquid, and come in various flavors.

Flavor Options

RELX offers a diverse range of flavors in its pods, catering to a wide array of tastes. Popular options include Juicy Apple, Ruby Raspberry, Forest Berries, Fresh Peach, Pink Guava, Kiwi Blast, Rich Tobacco, Ludou Ice (Mungbean Ice), Dark Sparkle, and Tangy Grape. All these flavors are available at Planet of the Vapes in Edmonton, which provides a wide selection of RELX products.

Comparison: RELX Infinity vs. Infinity 2

Comparing the RELX Infinity and Infinity 2 reveals several enhancements in the latter, including faster charging, increased battery capacity, an LED battery indicator, and adjustable power settings.

Advantages of Pod Systems

Pod systems, like those offered by RELX, are gaining popularity for various reasons:

  1. Ease of Use: Pod systems are straightforward and user-friendly, making them a popular choice among vapers, especially those new to vaping.
  2. Convenience and Affordability: These systems are generally more cost-effective and environmentally friendly in the long run. They offer more flavor options and make it easier to control nicotine intake.
  3. Portability: Many pod systems are small and pen-style, fitting neatly in the hand, offering increased portability over bulkier box mods.
  4. Safety and Quick Charging: Equipped with lithium-ion batteries, pod vapes are safe and designed for quick recharging, similar to cellphones.
  5. Flexibility: Open system pods allow users to refill with their preferred e-juice, offering flexibility in flavor choices.

RELX’s Impact on the Vaping Industry

RELX has made a significant impact on the vaping industry with its innovative pod systems. The brand’s focus on user-friendly design, variety of flavor options, and advanced features positions it as a leader in the market. The availability of a broad selection of flavors at Planet of the Vapes ensures a convenient and satisfying experience for users.


RELX’s pod systems, particularly the Infinity 2, stand out for their cutting-edge features, user-friendly design, and extensive range of flavor options. Suitable for both new and experienced vapers, these devices offer an efficient and enjoyable vaping experience. With a wide selection of flavors available at Planet of the Vapes, RELX presents quality options for enhancing your vaping journey, whether you are transitioning from smoking or seeking a more advanced vaping system.



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