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Allo Disposables

Introducing the Allo Disposable, an all-in-one ready to vape nicotine delivery system intuitively designed to be disposed once empty. Featuring a lightweight and compact design with over-inhale protection to guarantee to deliver smooth and flavorful draws with ease. Pre-Filled with premium Nic Salts E-Liquid. Allo also produces the Allo Ultra! a larger higher capacity disposable device available in the same great flavours.

Incredible flavor.  Available in a wide variety from mint and fruit to tobaccos.

Ease of use. Fully charged out of the box and has draw- activation. Fits in your palm, portable, and convenient to use.

Long lasting. Comes with 1.2mL of e-liquid and 280 mAh battery capacity that will last you all day long.

Peace of Mind. Comes standard with over-inhale and short-circuit protection


For more information please visit:[a,https://www.allovapor.com/,Allo Official Website]