Fruitbae E-Liquids are a popular line of fruit flavour that are primarily mixed fruits with a touch of light mint.

Specializing in such flavours as: Raspberry Sour Apple, Passion fruit Aloe, and Peach Apricot Fruitbae are both sweet and refreshing perfect for an all day vape.

Fruitbaes innovative flavour pairings have been getting better as time goes on consistently releasing new and improved flavour combinations. Available in both Freebase E-Liquid and Nic Salts.

Each of fruitbae’s original flavours are available in nicotine salts as well! So if you prefer a smaller form factor device such as the Uwell Caliburn G or the Smok RPM Series of devices that deliver more nicotine per puff then those devices will be an excellent option.

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