Airizer is a manufacturer of high-end cannabis vaporizers. Producing high quality devices with extra focus on ease of use and easy cleaning.
Airizer is laser focused on producing the best quality dry herb vapes available today. Airizer produces a select line of the best cannabis vaporizers available from the ultra-portable ArGo kit to the powerful tabletop Extreme Q. Because of their smaller selection of devices Airizer produces more accessories and parts! Airizer Tabletop vaporizers bring the vaping experience to a whole new level with quick heating a 360-degree swivel whip mouthpiece or the ability to fill a balloon with vapor.
Airizer’s handheld vaporizers with their patented hybrid heating system for fast heat up and efficient vapor production to suit everyone’s needs. Convenient, durable, portable, and powerful for years of enjoyment. Airizer devices reflect this by featuring an isolated airpath and ceramic heating elements with two part glass mouthpiece section.
Utilizing pure borosilicate glass Arizer products are easy to clean and durable. The Airizer two-piece design allows for quick changing of mouthpieces and the best vapor quality possible. Airizer devices also feature an advanced internal chip which allows super-fast warm up, pass through charging, precise digital temperature control, and even interchangeable 18650 batteries in some devices. Each Airizer device comes with a suite of accessories including multiple mouthpieces and for the more portable devices even a small carrying case to protect your device on the go! This focus on quality and customization sets Airizer apart from other cannabis vaporizer brands and this allows you to have the best dry herb vape experience possible.
Spend more time enjoying and less time cleaning with removable high-quality parts. The materials are contained in the removable parts making the units virtually maintenance free. No fancy cleaning solutions required.
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