Airistech are a leading cannabis vaporizer manufacturer that produces a wide variety of unique and innovative devices from dry herb vapes to dab pens. Pocket friendly and powerful Airistech devices are easy to use and sleek with designs like the two in one Airis 8 Dip-N-Dab or the Airis Mystica 3 Oil Cart mod and the Airis Qute. Airistech devices feature unique ceramic coils that heat concentrates quickly while retaining flavour purity. From small concentrate cartridge focused devices to high power concentrate and dry herb vapes Airistech has an option for it all.

Airistech is the industry leader in small form factor concentrate vaporizers. Sleek and powerful these devices have taken their rightful place among the cannabis vaping greats!

Airistech is on the forefront of research and development for cannabis vaporizers producing innovative devices that introduce unique features to improve your vaping experience. Ceramic coils work wonders to vaporize concentrates quickly and effectively as well as maintaining flavour purity and vapour density.

Keeping customers in mind Airistech specializes in ultra-portable vaporizers to keep the devices portable and discreet. Utilizing premium quality materials and extensive quality checks Airistech devices are smart yet simple durable, pocket friendly, and utilizing integrated new technology.

Airistech produces a variety of different lines! Herbva is a compact line of dry herb vaporizers along with the flagship line Airis. Airis Line products are the flagship line from Airistech including dry herb and wax pens if it is Airis it is quality.

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